wizards scourge

-- A fantasy take on the top-down shooter / This was my first Unity project! --


Development Time
8 weeks

July / 2018



  • Solo project
  • Unity
  • C#
  • Photoshop for textures + sprites
  • Top down shooter
  • Level design

Extra Information

Play as a lowly wizard, fighting for your life against wave upon wave of evil Goblins!

Wizards Scourge was my first real attempt at making any kind of game in Unity. The specification for the module was just that it needed to be a top down shooter - so really open. I enjoyed taking the traditional setting of a zombie shooter and making it more fantasy focused. I also tried to go for more of an arcade feel by making the level area small and the enemies move very fast.

I produced all of the art for this game, and that was a part of it I really enjoyed! Even though the animations are simple they took quite some time to get right. I also worked with a 2D tileset to produce the levels. Each tile was drawn in photoshop and then organised into a handful of levels. There were lots of levels that I tried but just didn't feel right - so it definitely took some trial and error to get to these!