until the world goes cold

-- A survival game made for the #SOS game jam --


Development Time
12 days

June / 2019



  • Part of a 3 person development team
  • Built in Unity
  • C#
  • Made over 12 days for the SOS jam

Extra Information

The goal is to survive long enough for the nearby lake to freeze over, revealing a secret! You can gather resources, upgrade your tools and try to stay warm by refuelling you shelter and upgrading your clothes.

This was a relatively long game jam and because of that it was the most relaxed one I've done. It was really nice still having the confined time limit but also not needing to work crazy hours and being able to take time off it to prevent burnout.

I did quite a bit of gameplay programming on this jam, but also looked into the balance of the game. because it has a survival focus it was pretty essential to the fun of the final product that resources dropped fast enough, you didn't die too easily and other survival balance considerations.