home awaits

-- A simple journey made for the Bitsy jam with the theme "Ocean" --


Development Time
1 day

June / 2018



  • Solo project
  • Quick experiment with Bitsy

Extra Information

This little prototype was made in the Bitsy engine for their monthly jam with the theme "ocean". I only came in quite close to the end of the jam, but still wanted to contribute to the jam. I ended up making this very relaxed little story about a boat travelling home. The sky colour change transition was a nice effect and I think the gradient worked out really nicely! There is potential for this to be expanded and for events to occur on the ocean as you travel - maybe another day!

I think that this project really effectively shows off what the bitsy engine is good for. It gives anyone the ability to put something together in a very short period of time. The comments on this itch page show that even for something so simple, the community is a welcoming one.