-- My first bitsy game! Follow the cat and see where it leads you --


Development Time
3 Days

May / 2018



  • Solo mini project
  • Trying out a new tool
  • Small narrative experience
  • Working within tight technical limitations

Extra Information

This was the first thing I ever made using the Bitsy engine and i'm still really pleased with what I managed to make. There was much challenge here in the development. The pixel art took quite some time but overall this was an incredibly satisfying and relaxing project to work on.

Working in such a minimalist engine (you only get 3 colours per room, each sprite can only be 8x8 etc) adds a really nice layer of challenge to telling the story that you want to tell. Simultaneously however it really puts everyone on a level playing field. I found out about Bitsy because I saw some of my favourite indie developers on twitter making things with it - and because the interface is so simple, it seemed as though I could do something similar which was very exciting.