escape the set

-- An escape room experience / High focus on sound spaces and audio cues --


Development Time
2 Months

January / 2019



  • Solo project
  • Built in Unity
  • C#
  • 3DS Max (all models)
  • Texture work in Photoshop
  • Focus on audio design and immersion
  • Puzzle design

Extra Information

This project was the second part of the 3D modelling module that we completed as part of our second year at university. After developing our skills, the task was to put them to the test and develop an escape room complete with puzzles and interaction.

I did enjoy working on this and I had a lot of fun exploring the soundscape aspect - still not sold entirely on modelling as I find all the texturing and mapping very tedious, i'm sure I just need practice though!

Coming up with puzzles was something I had never really explored before and actually ended up really enjoying! I took a lot of time to playtest my puzzles and it paid off, resulting in some fun situations.