medieval door showcase

-- Experimenting with animation and interaction --


Development Time
3 Weeks

November / 2018



  • Sole developer
  • All assets produced by me
  • Presented and animated in Unity
  • Models in 3DS Max
  • Textures made and modified in Photoshop

Extra Information

This was the first major attempt I made at a 3D modelling project. The brief was to make a door. A simple task, but the design process was very important. The ability to make an atmospheric environment with a consistent theme.

I put together a medieval style door with a series of complicated locks. The user would need to unlock each one in turn. This allowed me to develop a number of different animations which all needed to be completed before the door would open.

The plan originally was to have more of a story but I ended up running out of time. I wanted to add some effects to the door which would make it look as though something was straining behind it. This was where the hole in the wall came from, the creature escaping.