-- Elemental tower defense game / Geta Game Jam 9 --


Development Time
72 Hours

August / 2019



  • I was part of a 4 person team for this project
  • Programming in C#
  • Implementing produced art
  • Built in Unity
  • Placed 5th of 33
  • All sound effects produced by us
  • Theme was contrasting elements
  • Tower defence game

Extra Information

Drawing closer to the end of our last summer holiday (!!!) we decided to go for another game jam as Backyard Giant, before our team project for final year. We chose the Geta Game Jam, founded by an indie studio of the same name.

The theme that ended up being chosen was "contrasting elements". As always for a game jam we had some ideas roughed out for each of the possible themes, but this was one of the ones we had struggled to come up with something unique for. This meant that a lot of the initial development time was spent actually coming up with the idea and deciding how we were going to implement it.

Contrelement is a tower defence sort of game, where you play as a summoning circle in the middle of the screen. You can rotate and send minions down the channels that you're connected to. Enemies will come down these channels to try and kill you. You can scroll to change the element type of the minions you are summoning, this means that in order to push past the enemies coming towards you, you'll need to counter their element successfully.